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PACIFIC HEALTHCARE is the German answer to the American beauty trend based on cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp. The two care lines PHC SKINCARE and PHC NUTRITION pursue the goal of transporting its expertise and medical knowledge of cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp, as well as their revolutionary effect on maintaining health to the beauty and lifestyle world of Germany – with a unique product formulation according to German quality standards.

The vision: to support natural beauty with an all-encompassing, yet uncomplicated beauty-insideout program, creating balance between body, mind and spirit. Born in Los Angeles. Developed & formulated in Germany.

All PACIFIC HEALTHCARE products are based on organic CBD, the Nutrition capsules on high-quality organic hemp protein. The PACIFIC HEALTHCARE team of American CBD experts as well as experienced dermatologists and nutritionists from Germany attaches great importance to the exclusive use of natural and 100% vegan ingredients when developing its formulas. In addition, the beauty brand relies on intensive research of ingredients to ensure the harmlessness of the products.


  • PR concept
  • Continuous press and media work
  • Development of concepts/planning/implementation for press launch events