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For over 70 years, the French luxury skincare brand Biotherm has been synonymous with unique expertise in the field of biotechnology, forming the core of highly effective and luxurious skincare products. Through the synergy of advanced innovation and natural, sustainable ingredients, Biotherm holds a position as a leading luxury skincare brand, offering exceptional results and unparalleled luxurious skincare experiences for a radiant and youthful appearance.

In pursuit of a comprehensive Blue Beauty vision, Biotherm embraces Blue Biotech, developing products based on natural ingredients. At the heart of this biotechnology lies Thermal Plankton, a microorganism forming the foundation of Life Plankton™, which is incorporated into every skincare product of the luxury skincare line. This active ingredient supports strengthening the skin barrier, stimulating skin metabolism, and preserving skin structure. Biotherm's pioneering role in biotechnology enables the creation of innovative and luxurious skincare solutions tailored to individual skin types and needs.

Beyond exclusive skincare experiences, Biotherm is dedicated to environmental protection and promoting sustainable alternatives within the cosmetics industry. Their "Blue Beauty" program aims to reduce the ecological footprint of the luxury skincare brand while fostering sustainable innovation. Biotherm's commitment to sustainability also includes supporting projects for marine protection and establishing a long-standing partnership with the Tara Ocean Foundation. This partnership not only explores the impacts of climate change on marine life but also studies ocean ecosystems.


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