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„A Women’s Story“


8th of March 2022

Exclusive Screening "A Women's Story" with Natalia Wörner

About the project

On the occasion of International Women's Day, renowned actress and ambassador of the initiative "StandUp - against harassment in public" Natalia Wörner joined forces with L'Oreal Paris to send a feminist signal full of strength and courage. Next to many strong women, Natalia Wörner presented her new UFA production "A WOMEN'S STORY" as an encouraging call against classic stereotyping and prevailing conventions at the Astor Film Lounge in Berlin.

During an exclusive screening followed by an open round of talks, Natalia Wörner together with Fränzi Kühne and Louisa Dellert raised awareness of women's empowerment itself. Prominent guests such as actress Ursula Karven, manager and supervisory board member Janina Kugel as well as ruling mayor of Berlin Franziska Giffey came together on site and supported the presented model of modern femininity. Within the documentary "A WOMEN'S STORY" international stars and at the same time international as well as national spokespersons of L'Oreal Paris, among them Helen Mirren, Andie MacDowell and Iris Berben, appear as role models and pioneers of a movement that actively fights for an everyday vision of comprehensive equality, equal opportunities and freedom.


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