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3rd of March 2021

Digital press conference with L'Oréal Paris

About the project

On the 3rd of March 2021 the digital press conference “We celebrate Women” from L’Oréal Paris took place as part of the 50th birthday of the iconic slogan “because you’re worth it”. In this event the focus was put on L’Oréal Paris’ engagement in women’s empowerment with the international training programme “Stand Up” against harassment in public.

In an exciting live talk the international training programme “Stand Up” against harassment in public was highlighted, which was brought to life by L’Oréal Paris and the nonprofit organization Hollaback!. The objective of “Stand Up” is to empower women and girls worldwide: The programme uses a memorable method that trains the participants to deal with the situation of harassment in a correct way. This way the public will become a safer space.

Additionally, the long-term engagement of L’Oréal Paris in the area of women’s empowerment and the 15-year-long partnership with the non-profit organization DKMS Life was discussed. In order to support cancer patients and to tackle the fight against cancer, L’Oréal Paris collabs with the DKMS Life and supports their “look good, feel better” patient programme with money and product donations.

The live talk included top-class VIP guests Natalia Wörner and Guido Maria Kretschmer, guided by Janin Ullmann as a charming host. The guests were joined by the iconic actress Iris Berben, who supports numerous organizations. She commits to equal rights, self expression and has represented the brand of L’Oréal Paris for many years.

The aim of the initiative is to gain a million participants for the training programme worldwide. It was developed specifically with the purpose to promote civil courage in society, to tone down risky situations and to make the public a safer space. It is based on the method of the “5 Ds”: Direct, Distract, Delegate, Document*, Delay.

*Only the harassed person should decide for themselves what they want to do with the recordings. If they don’t wish for the recording, it must be deleted. In another case, a copy of the recording can be put to use.


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