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21st of April 2021

LIEBE OHNE GEWALT – Digital press conference from YSL Beauty

About the project

On Wednesday, the 21st of April a digital press conference was held as part of the launch of the global programme “Liebe ohne Gewalt” by YSL Beauty in Germany.

The independence and freedom of women are values, which have been manifested in the DNA of Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. For this reason, YSL Beauty engages with “Liebe ohne Gewalt”, in order to strengthen the awareness of violence in partnerships and to contribute to a long-term improvement of the situation. Through the collaboration with local NGOs YSL Beauty aims to elaborate the topic to two million people worldwide until 2030. Hosted by SICHERHEIM representative Frauke Ludowig, in a revealing live talk the explosive topic of violence in partnership was explored. In Germany, YSL Beauty has partnered up with the initiative SICHERHEIM and the German NGO bff e.V. in April 2021 as part of “Liebe ohne Gewalt”, to join forces and aim for positive changes together.

In the live talk, the exclusive guest of the press conference and supporter of “Liebe ohne Gewalt” Nadine Klein bravely shared her personal view on this topic in an interview with Frauke Ludowig. Katja Grieger, CEO of the NGO bff e. V. gave interesting insights on the development of violence in partnerships during the pandemic and is excited about the joint engagement. Actress Natalia Wörner and producer of the UFA Marc Lepetit, as well as Tom Daske from DIE BOTSCHAFT initiated SICHERHEIM in 2020 and were also part of the digital conference. The three initiators reminisced about the SICHERHEIM initiative from last year and gave a forecast on how SICHERHEIM will keep developing with YSL Beauty.


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