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Austrian company Longevity Labs+ stands as a global pioneer in the field of cellular rejuvenation, longevity, and anti-aging with its innovative brand, spermidineLIFE®. The company's goal is to accompany individuals through an active, self-determined, and healthy life using scientifically based dietary supplements.

spermidineLIFE® produces the world's first and leading spermidine-rich dietary supplement, developed in close collaboration with the University of Graz and the discoverer of the spermidine effect, Prof. Frank Madeo. This has bridged the gap between preclinical and human research, offering the only legal, novel-food approved spermidine supplement on the market and establishing itself as an international leader in the field. Nature serves as the inspiration for spermidineLIFE®, aiming to develop products that stimulate natural processes in the body. The dietary supplements are made from natural ingredients and locally sourced, non-genetically modified wheat germs in Graz. They are simultaneously used in over 8 clinical human studies by leading longevity physicians.

Taking spermidineLIFE® supports a wide range of bodily needs: from boosting the immune system, fertility, addressing sleep issues, to supporting cardiovascular health, brain function, and longevity. As the product stimulates the process of autophagy, it is especially suitable for supporting fasting and weight loss. To promote holistic cellular health, spermidineLIFE® currently offers a range of five different dietary supplements containing carefully extracted spermidine.

All dietary supplements have been positively tested for safety and compatibility by multiple independent and reputable clinics and universities. Longevity Labs+ has locations in Graz, Vienna, and the USA, along with its partnership with the University of Graz, providing ideal conditions for groundbreaking research, development, and in-house production.


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