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Dr. Niedermaier Pharma 2023

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Dr. Niedermaier Pharma

Since 1939 the family owned business Dr. Niedermaier Pharma sets revolutionary standards through its steady research. The strive for constant innovation makes Dr. Niedermaier Pharma the global market leader in the field of fermented dietary supplement.

Regulat Beauty developed a dietary supplement based on empircal research on the effects of naturopathy. This supplement is biological, vegan and is compounded in a patented process of fermentation. By using the patented procedure of fermentation it is possible to generate entirely biological ingredients. These ingredients foster one's health and have an anti-aging effect. The focus on high quality is, thus, indispensable.

The most innovative product by REGULAT® BEAUTY is the "Regulatpro® Hyaluronan", a vegan drink that has an anti-aging effect. Through the patented process of fermentation it is possible to transport concentrated high molecular hyaluronan, biotin, zinc, copper, silicia to the places in one's body where they are needed. The institue "Dermatest" confirms the effect and awards the product with five out of five stars.


PR conception, continuous media and press relations, supporting and establishing the brand Regulat Beauty, VIP and blogger endorsements