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Better Taste

For almost ten years now, Marie and Alex Maass have been standing as an independent entrepreneurial couple for a sustainable and natural fitness lifestyle. They share this lifestyle with their community through fitness equipment, supplements, and fitness programs. On Instagram, they captivate over 90,000 subscribers on their channels with their regular workouts and insights into how they balance kids and family with fitness and a healthy lifestyle. With BETTER TASTE, the couple distributes a range of different supplements under the HAPPY LIFE LINE, tailored to various needs of our bodies.

The benefits of these supplements range from their easily consumable powder form to perfectly harmonized ingredients, and the complete absence of sugar, synthetic sweeteners, and artificial flavors. BETTER TASTE thus goes beyond conventional forms of supplements through innovative product development and formulations, making the intake of all essential nutrients a relaxed and uncomplicated step in everyone's daily well-being routine.

When selecting ingredients, the entrepreneurial couple carefully ensures that they cover daily requirements, complement each other optimally, and support each other's effects rather than conflicting. The quality of the ingredients is particularly essential. The ingredients used are 100% vegan, sourced from controlled cultivation areas, and free from genetic modification.


PR concept, ongoing press work, press releases, concept/planning/implementation for press launch events