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About the project

2020 has been one exceptional situation and has presented us with unimagined challenges. Much has changed in recent times - but cancer has not. Around 230.000 girls and women are diagnosed with cancer every year.

Corona has brought many things to a halt, but cancer does not stop. That is why the campaign Krebs macht keine Pause (Cancer does not take a break) was brought to life by DKMS LIFE. With its look good feel better cosmetic seminars the non-profit organization has been supporting girls and women, suffering from cancer, for the past 25 years and has made it its business to give cancer patients a little quality of life and normality.

Together with numerous celebrity ambassadors such as Guido Maria Kretschmer, Palina Rojinski, Stefanie Giesinger, Angelina Kirsch and many more, DKMS LIFE wants to use this campaign to give those who are affected the courage and confidence to face life and show them that they are not alone in these difficult times. In this way, awareness is created via many different distribution channels, from print and digital to TV, for a matter that must not be forgotten even in challenging times.


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