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dreamday by DKMS LIFE


22nd of September 2021

dreamday by DKMS LIFE

About the project

In view of the Corona pandemic, the big DKMS LIFE Charity Gala dreamball became dreamday in 2021, which took place on September 22nd 2021 at the nhow Hotel Berlin.

The non-profit organisation DKMS LIFE used this day to inform the public about its work for cancer patients and the commitment of its supporters and sponsors. Host Barbara Schöneberger presented the new free seminars for cancer patients, which for the first time also include an online workshop for male cancer patients.

The hybrid event, which was made accessible to opinion-leading editors and the interested public via livestream, also focused on the presentation of the DKMS LIFE fundraising campaign. With the claim “Krebs macht weiterhin keine Pause” (Cancer still doesn’t take a break), DKMS LIFE is continuing last year's campaign in a revised form to raise awareness for the topic of cancer and those affected by it. As campaign faces, five cancer patients, among others, ask for support for the programmes of DKMS LIFE.

Celebrities such as Guido Maria Kretschmer, Angelina Kirsch, Max Mutzke, Sylvie Meis and Nilam Farooq showed their solidarity in person on the yellow carpet or stage or via video.


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