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ONNO Collection

ONNO COLLECTION is a Belgian luxury brand for exclusive and handmade scented candles. The perfumes and jar designs are developed by Ilse Vandeputte, founder of ONNO COLLECTION. After a round trip in Tanzania she decided to make her dream of an own scented candle collection come true and that was the birth of ONNO COLLECTION.

The candles themselves as well as the candle jars are manufactured with manual work and are inspired by the African nature. Eight different scent product ranges create atmospheres that invite to relax and feel good. The glass designs are created to be an eye-catcher and simultaneously suit perfectly to all different interior styles.

ONNO COLLECTIONS’ unique selling point is the exclusivity and the high-quality processing of the scented candles. Because of the luxurious designs and noble scents the brand stands out from others on the market for scented candles.


PR concept, continuous press and media work, development of concepts/planning/implementation for press launch events