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SEAT Mii by MANGO - Bloggerpromotion


23rd of September 2014

SEAT Mii by MANGO - Bloggerpromotion

About the project

Within the context of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week, the SEAT Mii by MANGO celebrated its premiere in the beginning of this year. The urban city car with its unique feminine touch is the ideal connection between a fashion brand with cult status and the benefits of a dynamic, temperamental compact car.

On the 23rd of September, leading blogger and youtuber from all over Germany spent a full day with the SEAT Mii by MANGO. The city car guided through numerous hip locations of Berlin, therefore the invited guests made great experiences and had a lot of fun. After regarding the stylish city car precisely, everyone enjoyed a great dinner together with the brand ambassadors David Kross and Janina Uhse.


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