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16th of January 2018

RIANI Fashion Show January 2018

About the project

The 10th RIANI Fashion Show took place on the 16th of January under the theme „RIANISTA’S REVOLUTION“.

The show has been kicked-off by the German top-influencers Luna Schweiger, Sofia Tsakiridou (Matiamu by Sofia) and Anuthida Ploypetch. The 3 RIANISTAS stormed on stage disguised as graffiti sprayers and followed up by the German rapper BAUSA who performed his number-one-hit „Was du Liebe nennst“. The audience was astonished, the mood exuberant. Top German influencers such as Xenia Overdose, Anna Sharypova and Aylin König celebrated the RIANISTA lifestyle.

RIANI - a brand for strong, independent women, exactly like Natalia Wörner, Lisa Tomaschewsky, Rebecca Immanuel or Christine Neubauer who graced the frontrow of the RIANISTA‘S REVOLUTION Show that also fascinated German celebrities like Jana Ina and Giovanni Zarrella, Rebecca Mir and Massimo Sinato, Grace Capristo, Tanja Bülter and Charlotte Würdig as well as well known digital influencers such as Jacqueline Mikuta, Maren Wolf, Paola Maria, Viktoria Rader, Annette Weber, Laura Noltemeyer and Anna Maria Damm.


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