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Hana Nitsche


30th of November 2017

Sound of Passion

About the project

The lingerie and beachwear brand LASCANA invited selected guests to an exclusive exhibition on the 30th of November in order to launch a unique collaboration between the brand, its testimonial Hana Nitsche and the exceptional artist Till Brönner. Under the theme “Sound of Passion”, Hana Nitsche has been portrayed in sensual lingerie by Till Brönner, known as such as an exceptional Jazz musician.

Dedicated to art, devoted to temptation was the central theme of this magnificent collaboration that found its origin in the artists' shares love for photography, music and passion. Both protagonists express themselves via their very own art that, in the end, told a story on of a strong female confidence and self-love. “Sound of Passion” portrays in 12 astonishing pictures in how far art has to be separated from basic image representation. The lordly facilities of the “Hotel de Rome” offered the perfect arrangement for a high-class event like this.

Numerous celebrities such as Anja Kling, Johanna Klum, Manuel Cortez, Anastasia Zampounidis, Annabelle Mandeng and many more celebrated with Till Brönner and Hana Nitsche the airing of the pictures.


  • Event conception and implementation
  • PR and media work including interview acquisition
  • Guestmanagement including red carpet
  • Interview coordination for Til Brönner & Hana Nitsche
  • Conception and realization of an influencer shooting on the day of the event
  • Reporting


Reach: 164.7 Mio.
Clippings: 112
Value: 7.3 Mio. €