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REICHERT+ Communications

Schmucklabel Cliccessory new at Reichert+ Communications


REICHERT+ COMMUNICATIONS is delighted to welcome the Berlin jewelry label CLICCESSORY from the 1st of November in 2015. The agency is responsible for the PR and media work as well as the enactment of the label by prominent brand embassadors and blogger & VIP endorsements.

CLICCESSORY stands for individual jewelry design. "Be as individual as your DNA" - this is the philosophy of the designers Nicolas J. Harazim and Patrick Krüger, who brang the label into beeing in 2014, based on a Spanish juwelry tradition.

Behind the motto „Modular Jewelry Laboratory“ is a holistic store concept which is completely different from other jewelry labels. Petri dishes and test tubes serve as an innovative packaging und decorate impressively the CLICCESSORY Store which reminds on a jewelry laboratory, where each woman is able to compose her own "jewelry DNA". The patented magnetic lock in e.g. gold-filled premium steel anables uncountable jewelry variations to evolve your own ideas and to set your own personal design statement. As a single bracelet or combined with other bracelets to sensational collars, the CLICCESSORY modular concept guarantees the creation of unique accessories. Moreover, the product presentation on moving pillars creates space for a dynamic store concept: Every 3 months, the establishment of the store is changed, so that the client can regularly make new shopping experiences.